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Tag: Expats

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Door Hans van Leersum 30 sep 2022

Broadband in The Netherlands: How to choose

Language: Polish | English | German Are you an expat, planning to re-locate to The Netherlands? Or a student who plans to study in Holland at…

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Door Suzanne 23 okt 2022

Internet in Holland: So findest du den besten Anbieter

Language: Polish | English | German Planst du, nach Holland auszuwandern? Oder bist du Student und möchtest in den Niederlanden studieren? Dieser umfassende Guide beantwortet…

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Door Suzanne 1 okt 2022

Most affordable sim only subscriptions in The Netherlands [2022]

Looking for the cheapest sim only subscription in The Netherlands? You have come to the right place!  In our comparison tool, simply fill in your…

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Door Suzanne 19 okt 2022

Unlimited data in The Netherlands: is it possible?

Do you want to stream music everywhere you go? Or are you addicted to that new Netflix show? Unlimited data might be the way to…

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Door Suzanne 3 okt 2022

Mobile phone subscriptions in The Netherlands: an Expat Guide

Are you planning to move to The Netherlands for an uncertain amount of time? Or are you already living in this cold, but cosy country?…

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Door Michelle 20 mei 2022

How to get internet without a Dutch bank account

When arriving in the Netherlands one of the first things to get is internet and/or a new SIM card. What do you need to order?…