How to get internet without a Dutch bank account

24 augustus 2020 (laatste wijziging 1 september 2020) door Michelle

When arriving in the Netherlands one of the first things to get is internet and/or a new sim card. What do you need to order?
There are two requirements usually for ordering a broadband subscription or a new sim:

  1. Dutch address
  2. Dutch bank account

A Dutch address is necessary for you to subscribe to any internet provider. This makes sense, as it has to go to a house to be used.
If you don’t have a Dutch bank account yet, you cannot get a sim or subscription from most providers. There are some exceptions to this rule. Listed next are providers that do not require a Dutch bank account for a sim or internet connection:

  • T-Mobile (internet / sim)
  • XS4ALL (internet)
  • Tele2 (sim)
  • Solcon (internet)
  • Ziggo (internet)

T-Mobile tells us that it should be possible for anyone with a non-Dutch bank account to order any type of subscription from them. However, you do have to go to the nearest T-Mobile shop to get it all done. It cannot be done online. Find a T-Mobile store near you with this tool

At XS4ALL it is only possible to order with a non-Dutch bank account by phone. When you call their phone number you will stumble upon a phone menu. It is in Dutch. However, even if you don’t end up with the right department they can connect you to the right person. Everybody at XS4ALL’s customer service speaks English. It’ll be fine.

Tele2 allows you to order a sim from them with a non-Dutch bank account. However, you cannot order an internet subscription from them.

Solcon has no problem with you having a non-Dutch bank account. The only thing they want is an IBAN - International Bank Account Number. You can check your IBAN online, it is always combined with an abbreviation for your country. With a quick google search you will know what it is.

Ziggo has a more complicated procedure. It is possible to order an internet subscription from them with a non-Dutch bank account. It is however not possible to get an automatic collection (automatische incasso), meaning the provider will collect the money automatically from your bank account. Because you cannot have an automatic collection a monthly payment needs to be transferred to Ziggo’s bank account, manually. If Ziggo is your only (fast) option, you can order from them.

Prepaid SIM

What can you do if you do not have a Dutch address nor a Dutch bank account? Simple, prepaid sim. It won’t get you stuck with a year of two-year subscription. Neither do you need to go through any of the struggles of dealing with needing a Dutch bank account.
Paying with a credit card is also possible on certain websites. No need for a Dutch address yet, have it delivered to a PostNL collection point (Dutch postal service). These points can be found in many supermarkets or shops. You can check the nearest PostNL point online.

A prepaid sim does get you the advantage of calling and roaming for reasonable prices. So a prepaid sim might be the most convenient option.

English Customer Service

If you have any questions about Dutch internet or sim cards, feel free to ask. Our customer service is available in English. Or start comparing prices in our English comparison tool!

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Mijn naam is Michelle. Ik ben een IBO-student aan de Universiteit Leiden en ben redacteur bij Doordat ik veel schrijf over internetpakketten en mobiele telefonie, ben ik nu specialist op het gebied van internet en tv en mobiele abonnementen. Als content medewerker doe ik altijd mijn best om complexe producten zo duidelijk mogelijk uit te leggen in artikelen om zo klanten verder te helpen.

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