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The biggest telecom comparator of the Netherlands is a comparator. We help you find the best telecom deal. How do you know if our advice is honest advice? It is up to us to gain your trust. We try to do this by on the one hand be personal, on the other hand be transparent.

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The most personal…

Our team: nice to meet you!

Our comparator is a machine. True.
But behind that machine? Believe it or not, there are real people.
We would like to introduce ourselves.

Just to familiarise you with us a bit.

Annick - Product manager mobile

She has a fine taste, she knows the best restaurants in town. But don't let her fool you! A table tennis match is at your own risk!

Edwin - Executive manager

Creates good vibes by making corny jokes and showing off the latest gadgets.

Amanda - Administration

Amanda is Prijsvergelijken's all-rounder and is always happy to help.

Suzanne - Customer support

Suzanne loves music and always cheers you up.

Michelle - Customer support

Michelle is always singing and can be found in the kitchen cooking the tastiest bites for us all.

Coen - Product manager broadband

The most cheerful and always ready to play any game. Though others may not be as happy about that.

Cédric - Software Developer

Cedric is our walking encyclopedia. He knows just about everything of anything.

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Our office

Our office is placed in the heart of Leiden. Want to visit? You can find us in the Nieuwe Energie building at the 3e Binnenvestgracht 23 G.

But keep in mind: we might just challenge you to a game of table tennis. We are pretty good at it. If we say so ourselves..

We are (almost) always available

Start a chat or call with us. You can do this from 9 am until 10 pm. We give you honest advice about your switch. Even if it means advising against switching.

Do you have any other questions, remarks or complaints? Please let us know. We listen. Every suggestion to improve our comparator we take very seriously. Is your improvement suggestion technically possible? Then we implement it in our software. Throughout the years we have been able to optimise our comparator this way.
085 8888 566

You decide

With our comparator you can find your best deal easily. You decide what you find most important. The lowest price? Check! The highest speed? Oké! Personalise the comparator by entering your preferences.

If you like some advice before making a decision? Our experts give advice only based on your preferences and questions.

You decide what is most important.

We collaborate with as many providers as possible

We try to show as many providers as possible in our comparator.
That is why we are always driven to see if new providers want to affiliate themselves with us.

It is possible that a provider is not interested in such a collaboration.
In which case they will not be represented in your comparison.

Do you miss a provider in our comparator?
Let us know and we will work on it!

The most transparent…

Our revenue model

Do we make any money if you switch? Yes we do. If you decide to switch to a new provider, that provider pays us a service fee. To thank us for a new customer.

And you know that you have made the right decisions, because you made a clear comparison.

Honest reviews

Throughout the years we have gained so much knowledge and expertise. About comparator software, but also about the services and products that are available. Just as much as what different companies offer.

We like to share our expertise: we have made extensive reviews about those companies and their offers. Which you can take advantage of when you want to switch.

You can also use the crowd: we invite people who switched before you to share their experience. This way you can choose wisely; can't go wrong.

Superfast broadband ! Both download speed and upload speed ! T-mobile also has great coverage! I really have in and around the house a great connection! I only regret not getting it earlier. Rather late than never.

I am happy that we switched to Telfort! We even have a great WiFi connection upstairs! We did not need a mechanic, the instalment was simply done ourselves. Every once in a while do we have a failure which makes the connection slower, but what provider doesn't?!

We enjoyed great service when we switched and a mechanic installed everything, he checked if everything worked properly and he even changed the main cable junction.

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